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15 Indian signs that will make you sign out of real life

15 Indian signs that will make you sign out of real life
20 Aug



‘Beware of vehicle theft. Please use double luck.’



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English may not the language a lot of Indians speak or write well, and that’s alright. But bad English leads to some strange results that are sometimes funny, and almost always weird. Here are 15 that will spin your head right round!

funny-1_082018043153.jpgAs opposed to solid tea?

funny-2_082018043224.jpgPriorities under late capitalism

funny-3_082018043320.jpgThe Swachh Bharat dream

funny-4_082018043509.jpgExcuse me, sir. Where exactly is Kottayam?

funny-5_082018043544.jpgIt has to be one or the other. There is no middle ground. 

funny-6_082018043649.jpgPuns never lie. 

funny-7_082018043724.jpgWait, what?

funny-8_082018043749.jpgWonder if Jent is open to other people using his loo.

funny-9_082018043837.jpgWhen luck isn’t enough to save your car.

funny-10_082018043904.jpgThe home decor industry has changed in the last couple of years, hasn’t it?

funny-11_082018043951.jpgThis glowing wish!

funny-12_082018044035.jpgEven search engines need food.

funny-13_082018044139.jpgWho needs normal treatment?

funny-14_082018044238.jpgTypo or brutal honesty? You decide.

funny-15_082018044300.jpgIs this what social media feels like in real life?

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