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15 ‘weird fears’ which are absolutely guaranteed to put yours in perspective

15 ‘weird fears’ which are absolutely guaranteed to put yours in perspective
26 Jul

THE VAST MAJORITY of us have a ‘weird fear’.


They aren’t phobias as such, nor are they an irrational fear which governs how we live our lives, but more like a vague discomfort over a specific thing which tends to surface every now and again.

And over the last few days, Jimmy Fallon has been keen to hear all about them.

Twitter users have been responding in their droves, and naturally it has made many of us feel a lot less peculiar about our own little foibles.

Full disclosure: I have a fear of being sucked into airplane toilets.

Anyhoo, let’s not dwell on that, and instead focus on the goods offered up by the kindly folk on the internet superhighway.

Here are just a few responses which will either speak to you on a spiritual level or put your own ‘weird fear’ in perspective.

1. It doesn’t help when you’ve a mother like this.

2. And now she’s planted the seed of fear in the rest of us.

3. Then we have the likes of this.

4. To be fair, the fear is real with this one.

5. Seems a bit extreme, but OK.

6. The urge is all-consuming.

7. Don’t pretend this thought hasn’t flashed through your mind.

8. And we’ll never really know either way, will we?

9. We mean, fair.

10. Is this not standard procedure?

11. No judgement here.

12. Handy hint: don’t throw balls of hair out your car window.

13. Interesting…

14. And now we’re considering doing the same.

And there’s always one…

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