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5 Easy Pieces: Thou’s Mitch Wells discusses his five favourite films

5 Easy Pieces: Thou’s Mitch Wells discusses his five favourite films
06 Sep

Take Shelter

[embedded content]Being asked to pick your top five favourite movies is a very intimidating thing. When trying to come up with them I kept returning to “what am I always in the mood to watch?” Take Shelter was at the top of that list. Take Shelter is the best movie in the world. (Or, rather, my favourite movie in the world. But it’s also the best) It’s so beautifully shot, perfectly edited, and so well acted. There are parts of this movie that move me to tears and parts that scare the fucking shit out of me.

By far my favourite Jeff Nichols film, and easily my favourite Michael Shannon film. Well, not easily I guess. He’s amazing in everything. I could spend an hour trying to pick out my favourite shot in the movie, and still be hard pressed to pick just one. They’re all perfect. Just watch the trailer, and then… actually just go buy the movie and watch it alone and in the dark. Then find me on the internet and let’s talk about it!

Killing Them Softly

[embedded content]Okay Brad Pitt, Scoot McNairy, Ben Mendelsohn, James Gandolfini, Richard Jenkins, Ray Liota, and Sam Shepard are all in this movie. WHAT?!

I saw Killing Them Softly in the theatre the day it came out because Scoot McNairy and Ben Mendelsohn are two of my favourite actors. During the opening credits, my jaw was on the floor. My favourite opening credits to any movie ever. I tried to steal them for a tour doc I made called One Van (I didn’t do a very good job).

This movie is funny and overtly political (which some people don’t like, but I really do) and violent, and just a lot of fun to watch. Turns out this is another movie I am happy to put on literally anytime. I’d even put it on right now if I wasn’t about to go to sleep. Please watch this movie and then let’s talk about it. We can geek out on Brad Pitt’s perfectly delivered monologue at the end.


[embedded content]Whenever someone says “What’s Hesher?” and you say “oh, it’s a movie where Joseph Gordon Levitt is like a metal guy and he drives a shitty van and blasts Metallica, and breaks into people’s pools, and sets stuff on fire” they’re usually like, “Huh?” But this movie is actually truly heartbreaking and will make me (and probably even you, tough guy) cry every time I/we watch it. The ending of this movie should be shown to every person who has ever loved someone. Oh, and Natalie Portman and Rainn Wilson and the kid, Devin Brochu are just flat out acting their asses off the whole movie. I know I said this already, but watch it… and then let’s talk about it!

28 Days Later

[embedded content]It was hard to decide between this, LOGAN, and The Dark Knight for my fourth movie because all of them are incredible and the fourth spot is where the nerdier things usually go, right? I’m a huge comic book geek and LOGAN, and The Dark Knight are the two best superhero films that exist, so to not mention them would feel weird. Ultimately I went with 28 Days Later because I’ve loved it longer. That’s mostly because it came out four years before TDK and 15 years before LOGAN. But it also because it reminds me of being in high school with some of my best friends obsessing over every zombie movie and staying up all night talking about what we would do if we were ever put in that situation. I watched this movie again a few weeks ago and it still holds up now just as well as it did back then. The end where they’re going to the hospital and it’s cut really fast and then Jim wakes up is probably my favourite edited sequence in any movie ever. When he takes that breath and you see the word “HELL” spelled out… just amazing.

Mr. Deeds (The Adam Sandler One)

[embedded content]There was about a month in college when I watched this movie every night before going to sleep. It wasn’t a bit, and no one was around to see it happening. I just wanted to watch it every single night. To this day I have no idea why, and I don’t really care. The movie is super funny and cheesy and when that Dave Matthews Band song comes on I love it! (Keep it our secret, but everyone in Thou is a huge DMB fan. Under The Table and Dreaming is a masterpiece).

What’s weird about this whole thing is that it’s 10 years later and I still love this movie. It has a few of those weird moments that all the early Happy Madison movies have, and will always be funny to me. Like when that dude gets hit in the throat with the tennis ball, or when Adam Sandler flies off the stairwell railing and crashes into the table and then screams “MY BACK HURTS” so that it echoes, that kills me! I scream “my back hurts” all the time!

Thou’s new album, Magus, is out now via Sacred Bones Records. Check out the video for ‘The Changeling Prince’ below.

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