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5 New Aussie Films Destined To Be Cult Classics

5 New Aussie Films Destined To Be Cult Classics
20 Aug

Written by Emmy Mack on August 20, 2018

The Australian film industry has a rich and diverse history of producing gripping dramas and compelling, emotional stories that meditate on complex social issues and lay bare the tragic frailties inherent in the human condition.

But others are just piss-funny, shit-scary or straight-up entertaining AF.

These home-brewed cinematic gems may not have fabulous odds of sweeping the AACTA’s, but through their glorious absurdity, extreme quotability, insane amounts of gratuitous sex and/or violence and power to win over a groundswell of diehard fans over time, they’ve risen to the sacred status of “cult classics”.

Young Einstein (above), BMX Bandits, Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert, Rogue, The Wog Boy, The Nugget, Blurred and Thunderstruck all qualify, and if you don’t want to wait around to find out which Aussie films will become the cult classics of tomorrow, we’ve jotted down a few of our top picks that you can get your eyeballs on this. bloody. year.

Check ’em out below.

*grabs popcorn*

1. Boar

Imagine if Jaws was a giant ravenous hog with a taste for human flesh and replace the ocean with The Outback and you’ve got the basic premise of Boar, the new homegrown horror flick from Charlie’s Farm director, Chris Sun.

Combining splatter-loads of blood and gore with hilariously dry Aussie humour and an absolutely all-star cast featuring the likes of Ernie Dingo, Hugh Sheridan (Packed To The Rafters), John Jarratt (Wolf Creek, Django Unchained), Bill Moseley (House Of 1000 Corpses, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), Simone Buchanan (Neighbours, McCleod’s Daughters) and Nathan Jones (Mad Max: Fury Road), this little piggie is pretty much guaranteed to go “wee, wee, wee” all the way to cult status.

Boar is out now and you can grab it right here.

2. Swinging Safari

Written and directed by Priscilla, Queen of the Desert mastermind Stephan Elliott, this joyous roast of 1970’s suburban Aussie culture has enough LOLtastic one-liners and magnificently cringeworthy moments to qualify it as an instant classic. It stars national treasures Kylie Minogue and Guy Pearce at their most un-bone-able, as a wrinkly Northern Beaches couple caught up in the thrust of the sexual revolution. They star alongside prawn heads in hubcaps, grown women urinating on jellyfish-stung children and a rotting beached whale. You know, the standard fare.

Swinging Safari is out now.

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3. Little Monsters

If you’ve spent years despairing over Australia’s gross lack of zombie movies, then prepare your brains for the arrival of Little Monsters. The Abe Forsythe-directed zombie comedy follows the story of a washed-up musician who signs on to chaperone his nephew’s primary school excursion, falls in love with a kindergarten teacher and then is forced to do battle with a kids’ TV entertainer for her affections. Oh, and also battle a horde of the undead.

Little Monsters is due to hit cinemas later this year.

4. Cargo

A futuristic dystopian sci-fi tale set against the beautiful and brutal backdrop of the Aussie Outback, this South Australian-made movie has recruited legendary English actor Martin Freeman AKA Bilbo Baggins to play a dad trying to save his baby during an apocalyptic zombie pandemic. Yep – more zombies! Based on Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke’s Tropfest short of the same name, this fresh Aussie addition to the undead mythology is out now.

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5. 1%

Think Sons Of Anarchy with an Aussie twist. This Perth-based tale of warring bikie gangs seems to belong on the same shelf as gritty homegrown crime flicks like Romper Stomper and Animal Kingdom. It hits screens this year after doing the rounds on the international film festival circuit and, from the looks of the trailer, it’s a genre flick that combines action-packed sequences soaked with blood, sex and violence with classic Shakespearean themes like power and betrayal. Need we say more.

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‘Boar’ is new to Blu-ray, DVD & Digital. Watch it now, if you dare.



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