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7 seemingly stupid questions people have always wanted to ask

7 seemingly stupid questions people have always wanted to ask
03 Oct

(Khosrork/Getty Images)
(Khosrork/Getty Images)

People often say there’s no such thing as a stupid question, but that doesn’t stop self-doubt creeping in.

Sometimes questions can seem too silly to ask and it’s those that are the topic of discussion on Reddit.

Accompanied by their most popular answers, here are seven questions people have always wanted to ask.


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2. From user frumpydolphin

“Where the f*** does wind start?”

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Answer from Waffleninja6ooo

“It depends, two types of ways to approach archaeology. One is more scientific, and the other cultural (but not anti-science). If living descendants, go to them.”

4. From user Ackebo1

“Do women who are paralysed from the waist down feel any pain when they are giving birth?”

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6. From user Cheuck

“Do professional swimmers sweat when they are training under water?”

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Answer from user mjolnir76

“Some have service dogs that help notify them of doorbells and knocks on the door and crying babies.

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“Others have a baby monitor that also has a visual display and something the lights up. Same for door bells.

“Most deaf folks have a flashing light for their doorbell and the iPhone has a setting that will have the light flash when a call/text comes through. There’s also a vibrating alarm clock that goes under your pillow to wake you in the morning.”

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