Wednesday, 21 November 2018

8 movies out this month that are looking for Oscar season glory

8 movies out this month that are looking for Oscar season glory
01 Nov

By November, Hollywood’s annual awards cycle is in full swing. Movies that are angling to capture the attention of both critics and members of various Hollywood professional guilds often come out in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, hoping to impress audiences and then stick in awards voters’ memories as voting begins.

It’s also a busy month in “prestige season,” when the public is finally able to see some of the critically lauded or otherwise buzzy films that debuted at film festivals and are hoping to remain in the awards conversation all the way until the Oscars in February. (For a movie to qualify for the Oscars, as well as for many critics and guild awards, it must premiere in New York and Los Angeles at least one week before the calendar year ends.)

November 2018 is full of movies with wide appeal. New movies from Oscar-favorite directors like the Coen brothers, Alfonso Cuarón (Gravity), Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave), and Barry Jenkins (Moonlight) are about to hit theaters and, in some cases, Netflix as well. The selections include a biopic about Van Gogh, a heist movie, a crowd-pleasing historical comedy, and a wickedly funny tale of palace intrigue. And that’s just the beginning.

To prepare you for the oncoming onslaught of awards-season prognostication, here are eight films premiering this month that you can expect to hear more about in t