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Alum Brings Weird Snapchat Game Show To Penn State Tailgates

Alum Brings Weird Snapchat Game Show To Penn State Tailgates
03 Oct

Alumnus Jared Freid returned to Penn State on Saturday to host NBCUniversal’s “How Low Will You Go” live from Zeta Beta Tau fraternity before the Penn State-Ohio State matchup.

The show, viewable on Snapchat, is set in a Dutch auction format. Members of opposite fanbases are pitted against each other to do embarrassing (and sometimes gross) tasks for increasingly smaller sums of money.

“You’re saying, ‘We’ll auction you a crazy stunt for this amount of money,’ and two people go face-to-face to decide who will do it for less,” he said.

Freid, who graduated from Penn State in 2007 with a degree in economics, applies his background to this out-of-the-ordinary show.

Part of the reason Freid enjoys hosting the show is that it combines both comedy and economics. Players invest in the stunt, and as the price begins to drop, they soon forget about their “risk tolerance.”

The nature of the show has led a few contestants to do some pretty crazy things, implanting a lifetime of odd memories for Freid along the way.

“The craziest thing is probably an eyebrow getting shaved off,” Freid said. “That’s a life changer, but I’ve become okay with it. It’s the gross ones that are tougher to watch for me — like, I can’t hide it. I’m visibly disgusted by these people.”

Although he’s now a stand-up comedian, Freid didn’t pursue the entertainment business until after graduating. For a while, he was selling life insurance and annuities in New York before realizing his real passion.

“At a certain point, I was writing funny emails to friends, like old college buddies on group emails,” Freid said. “And people were responding, ‘Oh, that was funny,’ and that felt better than anything I was doing.”

Alongside his work with NBCUniversal, Freid is on his own comedy tour and hosts the JTrain Podcast.

The particularly gross episode of the Penn State-Ohio State matchup is available to watch now by scanning the Snap code below:

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