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‘Are you stupid?’: Richmond driver mounts curb, hits pole, then flees Vancouver gas station

‘Are you stupid?’: Richmond driver mounts curb, hits pole, then flees Vancouver gas station
23 Jun

A 33-year-old Richmond man has been issued a 24-hour driving prohibition and “several violation tickets” after he drove his Ford F-150 onto a curb, hit a pole, then fled a Vancouver gas station Thursday.

Video posted to Reddit on Friday shows a Ford F-150 after it mounted the curb at a Petro Canada gas station and a 7-Eleven at Knight Street and East 57th Avenue.

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“Call 911,” someone can be heard saying off screen.

A woman then jumped into a minivan parked next to the Ford F-150 just after the latter vehicle tried backing up.

“Hey, you cannot go anywhere, all right? You’re on camera,” an offscreen voice told the F-150’s driver after he stepped out of the SUV.

“Are you stupid?” he added.

The F-150 then hit a yellow pole and spun its rear wheels before it drove around the pole and left the gas station, heading south on Knight Street.

The video then showed a scattered pile of water bottles left behind next to the pole.

“Crazy,” an off-screen voice said.

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The Vancouver police said the incident began when a 33-year-old Richmond man crashed into a water display at the entrance to the 7-Eleven just after 11 p.m.

Police said the driver then left the vehicle, hopped back in and then hit the pole.

No one was hurt in the incident; police arrived shortly after he left.

Police later found the man at a Richmond home and issued the prohibition and the tickets.

The F-150 was towed away, and officers continue to investigate.



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