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Are Your Driving Habits a True Indication of Who You Are as a Person?

Are Your Driving Habits a True Indication of Who You Are as a Person?
27 Aug

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Driving a car is a stressful undertaking. And, people react to stress in different ways. Responses to traffic, someone cutting you off, or drivers not using their turn signals (WHY don’t drivers use their TURN SIGNALS?) could range from yelling and cursing to select hand gestures, tears and flat-out road rage. Or, is it your bad driving habits that are causing other drivers to lose their cool? Surely, not.

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Whether you’re the victim of someone else’s bad driving behavior or the one making mistakes behind the wheel, according to Inc. Contributing Editor Geoffrey James, behavior out on the road can reveal insights into people’s personalities and even what kind of coworker they are.

Based on James’ experiences on the road and his observations, rolling stops, texting and driving and speeding are more than just annoying, dangerous and frustrating driving habits.

If you see a driver perform a rolling stop, you better not give him detail-oriented tasks.

“People who don’t come to a full stop at a stop sign can’t be trusted to handle details. They literally and figuratively cut corners, both on the street and in the workplace,” writes James.

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Texting and driving is 100 percent stupid, dangerous and wrong, and anyone who engages in this exceptionally risky behavior is a fool who should never be given any responsibility in any realm of life, according to James.

As for the leadfoots, they’re not winning any friends on or off the road.

“Habitual speeders are like my former boss. They don’t really care about other people and they don’t think the rules apply to them.  At work, they are the jerks that make everyone else miserable,” James writes.

If you habitually make roadways worse with your driving habits, it’s probably time to take a good, long look in the (rearview) mirror.

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