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Aug. 2 Letters to the Editor

Aug. 2 Letters to the Editor
02 Aug

Seeking integrity

On July 20, Marco Munez asked: “Are there any people of integrity left anywhere in this country today?”

People of integrity, says Munez:

1) ” investigate the facts.”

2) ” verify the truth of facts.”

Investigate? In a world where good is bad, up is down and black is white? Really?

With blizzards of fake “news” blanketing the globe, we proles can no more investigate facts than observe quarks in their flitting existence. Verifying is likewise beyond the ability of Jane Doe.

If the authorities cannot investigate and verify-they didn’t act even when given advance notice in Parkland, Fla., -what chance does Joe Sixpack have?

Yes, there are many people of integrity everywhere – among regular people from coast to coast.

And to ice Munez’s cupcake, there may be people of integrity among the political class. Rare as unicorns or mermaids, though.

Bridger Barnett

Taken for a ride

The July 19 Lewiston Tribune had a picture of the sign on the Orofino Harold Kinne VFW Post being repainted.

Harold Kinne was from Orofino and was killed in World War I. An interesting, exciting incident that his dad, Idaho Lt. Gov. William Kinne, was involved in started on June 12, 1929.

On that day, Kinne was driving from Lewiston to his home in Orofino when four men stopped him and forced him on to the back seat floor of his car.

He was told to be quiet or they would kill him, and the kidnappers drove his car. Close to Orofino, a tire blew out and the car went into a ditch. It was a total wreck.

Two men came upon the wreck and stopped to help, but they were met with gunfire. The crooks pistol-whipped and beat the men and one was shot in the legs. The kidnappers stole all the money the men had and took Kinne and the other two into the car.

At Greer, the three were tied to a tree, but one had a knife and cut them loose. So they walked into Greer and spread the word. A huge manhunt was spread out. On June 14, the five were caught near Juliaetta and taken to the county jail in Lewiston.

Justice was fast. After a trial, the men were marched across the street to the depot and sent to the state prison in Boise.

Sadly, William Kinne died in October 1929 of a ruptured appendix.

Dick Riggs

Tribute to Hall

To Sharon McNare. McNare who wrote recently concerning my husband Bill Hall’s columns: Funny you should ask.

It happens that we are collecting columns for a Best of Bill Hall book.

So if any of you readers have a column (or columns) that you’ve saved over the years because it touched you in some way, send a copy to:

“Best of Bill Hall”

1012 Prospect Ave.

Lewiston, ID 83501.

We will consider it for inclusion in the book. If we publish it, we’ll credit you.

Sharon Taylor Hall



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