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Bargara high-range drink-driver’s stunning admission

Bargara high-range drink-driver’s stunning admission
03 Nov

A DRINK-DRIVER has appeared before the Bundaberg Magistrates Court after rolling his car on a Bargara road.

Sean Gavin Carne pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol on Seaview Rd about 7.35pm on October 10.

Police attended a traffic crash and found a grey-coloured vehicle with ACT number plates on its side, on the side of the road.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Andrew Blunt said officers could smell a strong presence of liquor on Carne’s breath and he had admitted to having about 10 schooners of heavy beer since 1pm that day.

“A roadside breath test returned a positive sample and the defendant was taken for breath analysis where he returned a reading of .183,” Sen Const Blunt said.

“The defendant said he didn’t know the limit was .05.”

Carne had previously been fined and disqualified from driving for 12 months in Canberra, and said his actions followed the loss of a close friend.

“I’ve been going through a rough time,” Carne said.

“I had just lost a good friend, I was stressed, I’ve suffered from depression all my life, I’ve got two children and I work six days a week.”

Magistrate Belinda Merrin sympathised with Carne and said even though he had been going through a hard time, it didn’t excuse his actions.

“You obviously drank too much and then made the very stupid decision to drive, and the whole reason why you shouldn’t have driven was completely made out when you crashed the car,” Ms Merrin said.

“Fortunately you weren’t injured and fortunately you didn’t injure anyone else.”

Ms Merrin said she would apply the minimum period allowable for the offence, which is a six-month disqualification, however stated she would have to reflect Carne’s previous conviction and high blood alcohol concentration in the fine.

“You’re going to be convicted and fined $1250 and a conviction is recorded,” Ms Merrin said.



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