Wednesday, 21 November 2018

BBC News: Simon McCoy frightens weatherman who admits ‘I am sweating’

BBC News: Simon McCoy frightens weatherman who admits ‘I am sweating’
30 Oct

The BBC Afternoon Live host, who is well-known for poking fun at stories and adding his special touch to traditional news reporting, burst into laughter and left his weatherman co host sweating after the funny TV moment

The hilarious segment began when the presenter introduced his co-host and said: “Darren Bett is here and looking cuddly.”

The BBC Weather host responded and said: “I am indeed.”

But Mr McCoy replied: “No. Not you. That.”

Mr Bett said: “Yes. China and pandas. Animals and weather. Perfect combination. Would could go wrong? Now. Well, I’m going to show you this.”

The weatherman then began showing a video of a panda playing in the snow and said: “I’ll probably need to step out just to, you know, you don’t want to see me laughing and cackling. This is in China.

“The first snows have arrived and we have got some lovely and cuddly pandas there playing – not quite mastered the tyre trick yet but when we watch this, actually, in the office we thought we had to show this because there is a particular point in this clip where it looks a bit like you.

“And it is just about to come up here just lounging. And there we go. I think that’s quite rude.”

Mr McCoy then began to laugh hysterically while watching the segment.

Mr Bett continued: “I think that’s really rude. I think that panda is quite cute.”

The panda in the video then began to eat bamboo an