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BMW M3 Driver Misjudges A Nurburgring Corner, Ends Up At The Guardrail

BMW M3 Driver Misjudges A Nurburgring Corner, Ends Up At The Guardrail
11 Sep

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The E46 generation of the M3 remains close to the top of the list of many petrolheads.

It was first introduced back in 2000, and just like its predecessors and successors, combined great handling with impressive power.

This doesn’t mean that it will defy the laws of physics, or that it will save its driver from themselves. Case at hand, this crash that happened last weekend on the Nurburgring, where one M3 has had its front and rear ends seriously damaged after hitting the guardrail.

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The short video starts with the overenthusiastic driver attempting to tackle a corner too fast, which resulted in the tail kicking out. As the person behind the wheel didn’t countersteer in time, the sports coupe slammed head-on into the side barrier, and since the initial impact was so brutal, the car bounced right back, did a 180-degree turn and hit the guard rail with the rear end before coming to a full stop.

The M3 was left with damages on both ends that’ll require some serious work. Thankfully, the driver appears to have walked away on his own from the incident that could have ended much worse, especially in a track like the Nordschleife. But you can watch the entire clip below, right after the small jump.

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