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Chrissy Teigen Posts Funny Fake Met Gala Makeup Tutorial

Chrissy Teigen Posts Funny Fake Met Gala Makeup Tutorial
08 May

When news broke yesterday that Chrissy Teigen wouldn’t attend this year’s Met Gala because it was too “risky” for the expectant mother, I was so upset, I nearly revolted and quit the internet in protest. Luckily, Chrissy found a way to get in on the fun from home by posting a red carpet “makeup tutorial” that is so relatable, you’ll feel seen as hell.

The model posted a photo that featured her chilling at home in a casual top and loose, messy bun. She captioned the photo, “this year’s #metgala GLAM was #SUPER important to me as I wanted it to really embody the heavenly bodies theme!!! I think we nailed it!! Swipe for for #creds!!!”

Chrissy went on to write, “First I shampooed my #hair yesterday with #shampoo then I let it sit for 4 minutes while i #shaved the areas I could see on my #body. Next, I used a #towel to dry my hair from roots to ends!! Then, I used a #rubberband to secure my hair into a pony that i was careful not to pull out all the way!” What a coinkidink — I did the same thing!

Then, Chrissy described how she pulled together the ensemble: “Lastly, I pulled out pieces around my #ears and #neck ! Full tutorial coming up tomorrow !!!!!!!! Like and subscribe!!!!!”

In a following post, Chrissy copped to feeling just a bit of FOMO — and yup, we understand. Rather than share the “details” of her makeup look, Chrissy wrote that, “I’m honestly just very jealous I’m not there. Also I need to drink water.”

Here’s to next year, Chrissy! And don’t worry, you were in fabulous company, because I was also lounging on my couch in sweats.

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