Thursday, 15 November 2018

Claim of Maoist plot is ‘stupid’: Shiv Sena

Claim of Maoist plot is ‘stupid’: Shiv Sena
03 Sep

The Shiv Sena has criticised the Maharashtra police’s claim that the five left-wing activists recently arrested were involved in an alleged Maoist plot to overthrow the Modi administration.

“The government should stop stating that these so-called Maoists could potentially topple the sitting government at the Centre. This is a stupid statement,” the Sena said in an editorial published in its mouthpiece Saamana on Monday.

‘Conspiracy theory’

The BJP ally said the police assertion about security threat to Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Maoists was just a “conspiracy theory”. The Uddhav Thackeray-led party said Modi’s security remains robust and there is no need to worry on that front.

“Manmohan Singh’s (Congress-led UPA) government was brought down by the people of this country not by Maoists or Naxalites,” the daily said, asking the police to exercise restraint while making claims.

“Had these Maoists possessed power to topple governments, they would not have lost control in West Bengal, Tripura and Manipur. The police (must) exercise restraint while making claims or else Modi and the BJP will be ridiculed once again,” the Sena cautioned.

The party, which has Ministers in the BJP-led governments in Maharashtra and also at the Centre, said there was nothing to worry about Modi’s security.



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