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Construction season seems to have slowed at sites around the Capital City

Construction season seems to have slowed at sites around the Capital City
04 Aug

TOPEKA, Kan (WIBW) — There are more than a dozen street improvement projects happening around Topeka.

Drivers like Henry Gehring are not too fond of the city’s construction and the delays they’re causing.

“All the construction is stupid because they’re not really improving anything. They’re messing things up basically,” he said.

Henry along with others asked NEWS 13 why projects such as the one on Gage between 21st and 25th streets seem to have no one working.

City engineer, Brian Faust, said the down time is part of the process.

“It’s typically due to the concrete curing. We’re actually trying to reconstruct the road under traffic,” Faust said.

The concrete can take up to seven days to cure before work can resume.

While they wait, at 10th and Wanamaker, crews are replacing a waterline.

“It started at 10th and Wanamaker and it went to 10th and Henderson. And they’re actually working out there now. They’re working on Henderson,” Faust explained.

Drivers were also concerned about this idle construction area near Huntoon and Wanamaker.

“The contractor is concentrating on the ramp right now. So his first order of business is to get the ramp open so traffic can exit off of 470,” Faust added.

That is not the only work along I-470. Drivers will run into patching work over the weekend, according to Laurie Arellano with the Kansas Department of Transportation.

“Drivers should expect some delays. We’ll have some intermittent lane closures. Possibly some intermittent lane closures,” Arellano said.

The repaving work along I-470 will also close ramps from time to time this weekend, including the I-470 westbound ramp to eastbound I-70 to southbound I-470.

Despite dodging so many orange cones now, Faust said he expects smooth sailing come fall.

“The contractors are given a set amount of time and we do expect them to be done in that set amount of time,” he said.

If they are not completed on time, the contractors will pay the city for each day they run past deadline.

Source: http://www.wibw.com/content/news/Construction-season-seems-to-have-slowed-at-sites-around-the-capital-city-490034681.html


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