Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Dan Hurley talks like the perfect coach for difficult UConn job

Dan Hurley talks like the perfect coach for difficult UConn job
05 Nov

With the college basketball season getting set to tip off, new UConn coach Dan Hurley took a timeout for some Q&A with Post columnist Steve Serby.

Q: Describe the ideal Dan Hurley basketball player.
A: Athletic … hard-working … unselfish … attacking … relentless … super-competitive … all about winning.

Q: What do you want the on-court personality of your team to be?
A: Incredibly tough … incredibly passionate … intense … we’re relentlessly attacking … fearless.

Q: How do you motivate?
A: I am personally motivated, still motivated by fear of failure, because I want to be great so bad. I motivate my players by trying to make them understand that most of the guys that I coach don’t have a trust fund waiting for them when they get older, so they have to really use basketball as a vehicle to create a successful life for themselves. That doesn’t necessarily mean making the NBA or play professional basketball, but they better develop the work ethic and the tools and skills you need to be successful.

Q: What don’t you tolerate?
A: I don’t tolerate cutting corners. I don’t tolerate lack of enthusiasm or energy. I don’t tolerate a student-athlete in my program discarding or throwing away an opportunity to get an education because the world takes advantage of stupid people.

Q: What are some inspirational sayings you like?
A: Success leaves clues … your struggles become your strengths … greatness fears no consequence … the strong do what they can, the weak suffer what they must.

Q: Which coaches in other sports do you admire?
A: Bill Walsh, because of his preparation and his progressive thinking. Joe Torre, because of how relaxed his team played in big moments because they knew he had their back.

Q: What is your definition of leade