Sunday, 18 November 2018

Donald Trump is stupid, sleazy

Donald Trump is stupid, sleazy
28 Aug

To the editor:

I don’t know why Tony Kendall bothers to harangue President Donald Trump every week.

A newspaper is just fake news, at least that’s what Trump’s people tell him, as I seriously doubt that he can read, being as stupid as he is.

His Trumpsters are just as stupid, or they wouldn’t still be following him.

He is the sleaziest president in the history of the United States. … How many people in his administration have been indicted or found guilty?

Of course the Russians helped to get him elected, there can’t be that many stupid people in our great country.

The farmers who voted for him are now welfare kings and queens thanks to his trade war. How crazy was that?

His wall is just a boondoggle that he can put his name on. He has alienated veterans and women, the smart ones anyway. He belongs in jail, not on a campaign trail.

Lucy Seimo

308 Edgewood St.



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