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Five Of The Craziest Footballers In World Football

Five Of The Craziest Footballers In World Football
28 Sep

Football is not always about the skills, beautiful goals and flair, as it often is also about the funny, outlandish and out right weird. Today, we look at some of the craziest, most outlandish players to have ever played the beautiful game. Check it out!

Rene Higuita

The extroverted goalkeeper was known for his constant desire to wander outside of his penalty area and was given the Spanish nickname, ‘El Loco’, which fittingly translates to ‘The Madman’ in English. His rise as a bizarre character came when he pulled off a needless scorpion kick save against England in 1995.

Paulo Di Canio

Di Canio, although a technically gifted player, always veered away from the norm especially when it came to how he handled high pressure scenarios. His most remembered altercation was when he got into a fight with a player and was subsequently shown a red card. He then proceeded to push the referee before walking off the field.

Luis Pepe

It didn’t take much to get the former Real Madrid man going and he used the tactic of intimidation to get the better of his opponents. That, however, proved to be his Achilles heel on many occasions as he’d get so hyped up just to see himself get red cards in moments of anger. In 2009, he received a 10-match ban for kicking a player whilst he was on the deck.

Diego Maradona

Much like Di Canio, Maradona’s talent was undeniable. Until this day, the Argentine is considered one of the greats of the beautiful game however, incidents such as yielding air rifles at reporters, his drug use and the famous ‘Hand of God’ moment distorted his image greatly.  Despite all that had transpired in his career, Maradona still very much has God-like status in world football.  

Benjamin Mendy

The Frenchman might not be a bad boy in football, however, the Manchester City star is known for constantly pulling pranks on teammates as well as being a troll master on social media. The athletically gifted left-back is considered a crazy character of a different kind but still manages to be one of those players his peers are drawn to, whether he is with the French national team or with City.

What other players do you think could be added to this list? 


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