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Funny Kenyan memes about love and relations

Funny Kenyan memes about love and relations
14 May

Memes on the internet are used to describe concepts which spread quickly via the internet. Did you know that the word meme was first defined by Richard Dawkins in 1976 in the Selfish Gene in an attempt to explain how information spreads culturally? The internet memes, according to Richard Dawkins, are a subset of the general meme concept specific to the environment and culture of the internet. According to Dawkins, internet memes are a hijacking of the original idea, and they have an additional property which ordinary pictures do not have. They usually leave a footprint in the media which makes them possible to trace and analyze. Kenyans have not been left behind in the meme trend, and most of them have adopted the use of funny memes. An internet meme is a concept or activity that spreads from one person to another through the internet. Internet memes take different forms including pictures, videos, hashtags, hyperlinks, and websites. Surprisingly, and unknown to many, internet memes are not a new trend. They have existed long before the existence of social media via the web. Today, they have become more popular due to the various social networking platforms.

Funny memes about love

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Funny Kenyan memes have been adopted by companies too with most brands joining in the new advertisement trend. When favorite brands like KCB and Safaricom participate in such funny memes, it goes viral, and most people participate in the fun, making it a very effective means of advertisement. A good example is the Safaricom meme which says “Mnasema tunakulanga bundles? Sisi?

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