Wednesday, 21 November 2018

‘Funny, naive, vulgar’ is Moth

‘Funny, naive, vulgar’ is Moth
04 Sep

YOU saw them here first.

Former Noosa locals Paris Williment, 18, and Dion Smith-Phasey, 19, are bringing their production of Moth to town this Saturday.

The duo are currently students at Queensland Academy for Creative Industries in Brisbane, but first met at Noosa’s Little Seed Theatre Company.

“We’re so excited to be debuting the work to the community who have supported us, those who’ve seen our journey,” Paris said.

“It took a lot of time to get of the ground, we have been working on it for a year and two months.”

Paris is producing and acting in the two-person show, originally written by Declan Greene a decade ago.

“The show is based on the conversations and politics of young people living in rural Australia,” she said.

Moth is described as a cautionary tale for those who ignore the stories of the outcasts and the losers and feature Claryssa, a wiccan and Gothic outcast and Sebastian, an anime geek with a reputation for immaturity.

“This show is something we felt resonated with the teenage youth of rural Queensland, a story told by