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Google Maps Street View: Embarrassing moment for well-dressed man caught on camera

Google Maps Street View: Embarrassing moment for well-dressed man caught on camera
04 Aug

Google Maps has revealed very awkward moments around the world without realising.

The Google car often catches people on camera if they are on the side of a road or path that is being mapped.

One well-dressed man was spotted in a very weird and humiliating situation.

He was seen outside a large mansion house that had a heavy wooden gate blocking the entrance.

The man in a suit was seen just outside of it by himself.

He was sitting on a portaloo with the door wide open.

The portaloo in question was on the side of the pavement just outside the house.

Why it was there or what it was being used for is not disclosed.

Thankfully the man didn’t seem to be using it for its primary use.

His trousers were still on his legs and he appeared to be sitting there on his phone.

The man may have just needed a break and wanted to sit down.

He could have been waiting to get into the house and was trying to get the gates open.

Whatever the reason, it was an odd choice of place to sit down.

Portaloos are rarely thought to be clean and are often avoided, being frequently seen at festivals and day events.

Another weird sighting was caught on Google Maps in the UK.

Two builders appeared to have been part of a murder scene on the side of the road.

A man was flat on the ground while a builder swung a hammer over his head.

His friend was caught looking at the Google car as it drove by.

Thankfully nothing was sinister about the situation at all.

It was a harmless prank that many people try and play on the Google cameras.



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