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Google Maps Street View: Pranksters convincingly fake THIS on a remote road

Google Maps Street View: Pranksters convincingly fake THIS on a remote road
05 Aug

Google Maps Street View has captured what, at first glance, appears to be a bad accident involving the Google car in Iran.

Behind the Google car, a red car with two men sitting in the front can be seen.

But both the passenger and driver have their hands held up and expressions of horror across their faces, leading the viewer to think perhaps a nasty accident is in the process of happening.

To further back this theory up, to one side of the road, two women and a child look equally shocked.

One woman is crouching with her hands on her head, her mouth wide open.

The other, still standing, has clasped her hands around her face and her jaw is dropped.

Even the little girl has her mouth covered by her hands, as though in shock.

However, despite the dramatic stances of all four people, it is quite clear that the group are playing a prank on the Google car.

By adopting such ‘horrified’ expressions, it seems as though a crash is taking place but in reality, the five are simply play acting.

The red car is quite clearly a good distance away from the Google car and the road is completely empty.

Furthermore, the actions of the group are far too forced and melodramatic to be realistic. 

The pranksters certainly do a good job of mimicking a bad crash though!

The scene took place in the tiny village of Gavzan Mahalleh in northern Iran.

It’s not the first time that the Google car has appeared, at first glance, to be involved in an accident.

Street View Users were concerned they’d spotted a dead donkey on the 360-degree platform when they saw the animal lying on a dusty track in Botswana, Africa. 

At first, the donkey lying in the road appears to have been struck in a hit and run.

But on closer examination of the coordinates, slightly further back from the scene with the donkey on the ground, the animal can be seen standing up in full health – and no dead animal is to be seen.

There are not two donkeys and in fact, the beast was never struck by a car in the first place.

As online users took to the internet the mourn the death of the animal, Google spoke out to put viewer’s minds at ease.

They revealed that the donkey was actually enjoying a roll around in the dust and that the images were shown in reverse.



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