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Google Maps Street View: Young woman spotted with weird extra body part in Croatia

Google Maps Street View: Young woman spotted with weird extra body part in Croatia
23 Jul

Google Maps Street View has been used to catch a number of shocking images across the years.

Fake murders, thefts and suspected extra-terrestrial life are just some of the bizarre sightings.

Yet a woman was captured by Reddit users with a rather odd addition to her body.

While walking with her friend, she was seen down a quiet alley in Split, Croatia.

The woman’s body seemed to have a third leg.

The two women, wearing shorts and skimpy tops, seem nonplussed by the extra body part.

While one girl had just two legs, her friend had a third leg between her two normal legs.

The third leg is much thinner and looks almost alien like.

Thankfully nothing sinister happened and is to do with a photography glitch.

This often happens when subjects move when the images are being captured.

When the Google camera takes the panoramic shot, multiple images are taken to be stitched together.

This creates the seamless effect on Google Maps.

Yet when a moving object is captured a number of times by the camera it can sometimes cut parts off or duplicate people.

In this case, a limb was duplicated to create the three-legged look.

One boy went one further and was captured eight times by the same camera.

Spotted in India, the young man pulled the camera prank by moving in different positions around the car.

Wearing a white top and green shorts, he attempted a number of poses.

Pretending to be on his phone, leaning against a tree or just looking right at the camera are some that he took.

He even managed to run into the doorway of a house and put his hands on his head in the last pose.

The successful images would have required careful planning which thankfully paid off.



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