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Graham Norton slams ‘stupid, short-sighted’ celebrities who avoid tax

Graham Norton slams ‘stupid, short-sighted’ celebrities who avoid tax
29 Sep

Graham Norton recently had his wages cut by £200,000 but he insists he would never consider avoiding paying his taxes as some high-profile celebrities do.

The 55-year-old is the BBC’s third-highest earner, paid between £600,000 and £609,999.

In an interview with the Daily Mirror, Norton said he doesn’t see the point in trying to avoid paying taxes.

“I just don’t get the not-paying tax thing. It’s just stupid and very short-sighted. You see people who are worth a billion and they’re still doing tax dodges and you think how can you be bothered?”


While he admitted being shocked at his tax bills at times, he believes being able to afford your tax is a “privileged position”.

“These people who go to incredible lengths to dodge tax would be just as rich if they paid the tax – and would be living in a much nicer country. One where people were looked after, were crime was less, where housing was better and people were better educated. ‘So the money you’ve saved on tax, you’re probably having to use to pay for barbed wire around your property. It seems totally wrong-headed.”



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