Wednesday, 21 November 2018

“Haas are absolutely done with their drivers”

“Haas are absolutely done with their drivers”
20 Sep

Ziggo Sport reporter Jack Plooij, who is very much in the know in the world of F1, has reported that Haas are not happy with either of their drivers, as both of them had very poor outings in Singapore last weekend.

Plooij already reported earlier that Honda are set to introduce their new engine spec in Russia instead of in the United States.

Now, as he was walking around the paddock, he caught wind of Haas’s chief engineer being very angry with both Magnussen and Grosjean.

“We were standing in the lift with the head engineer at Haas and he wasn’t happy with his drivers at all,” Plooij told on Radio Veronica in Holland.

“Magnussen might think that his place is secure, but apparently, that’s not the case at all.

“This guy was completely done: ‘Those f*cking drivers of ours.'”

That’s quite a curveball. Magnussen was indeed believed to be as good as signed for the future. Grosjean wasn’t secure of his place at all, but this new story of Magnussen being a doubt is quite peculiar. Sure, he’s a bit inconsistent, but the Dane is definitely good enough for an ambitious team like Haas.