Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Heartland Film Festival: ‘Room for Rent’ is a comedy that’s flat broke

Heartland Film Festival: ‘Room for Rent’ is a comedy that’s flat broke
28 Oct

Heartland brings many amazing films all to one place. There are so  many touching stories, moving documentaries, and beautiful narratives  that stay fresh in the mind of any viewer. Thinking back on my time at  Heartland this year, there isn’t a single film I saw, even the  less-than-good ones, that didn’t leave an impression. There’s a reason  audience ballots are scored from “fair” to “excellent,” because really,  there aren’t too many bad films at Heartland. At the very least, bad but  ambitious films still leave an impact on a viewer, especially one  that’s not used to viewing actual, artistically minded films.

However, that’s all aside from Room for Rent, a film that’s  creating a vacancy in my mind for things that are interesting, funny,  compelling, or actually good. Okay, that’s a bit harsh, but of all the  films at Heartland, this isn’t one to remember.

The story follows ex-lottery winner Mitch Baldwin, now broke, sad,  lonely, and entitled, as he concocts a plan to allow his family to keep  paying for their forever home. His genius plan is to rent out the  storage room to a stranger and have them pay the remainder of what they  need. His parents are skeptical until the stranger of choice, Carl,  shows up on a dark, stormy night. Carl proceeds to worm his way into the  family and slowly attempt to replace Mitch in the family unit, leading  Mitch to grow suspicious of this stranger who appeared from nowhere.  Combined with a car without license plates, general shady behavior, and  an actual death threat, Mitch calls on the few friends he still has to  help solve the my