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Home Invasion Caught on Camera

Home Invasion Caught on Camera
30 Oct


Disturbing footage of a robbery Sunday night is making its way around social media. On Billings West End; the security system that caught the thief in the act.

Watching the woman casually walk around this home, you’d think she owns it. Well, that’s not the case, she was there to rob the place. Clementine Lindley shared with us, her story.

“So i went to the security footage and it shows her walking into our house at 6:03 (PM), leaving our house about 10-12 minutes later. Then we came home 12 minutes after that.”

Among the stolen items; a purse, bottle of tequila, and jewelry taken right from Lindley’s bedroom.

“About 7:40 (PM) my husband came out to me and said what did you do with all the jewelry in our room. I said, what do you mean? He goes no, all your jewelry, and i said no that’s a funny joke what are you talking about. He’s like, all your jewelry is gone.”

From this incident, a bigger question comes to mind. What are home security systems doing to help prevent robberies such as this one?

Safety for your home, and more importantly the ones you love, is always the top priority.  Kenco in Downtown Billings offers a variety of options to protect your home. Life Safety Specialist Tully Hogan explained to me the most important resources to make your home less attractive to thieves.

“Really what we want is stickers and signs to deter them from the home. We also want to get a siren on the system to scare off the burglar and alert authorities. That’s the importance of a security system.

Working in security, Hogan knows exactly what burglars are targeting as well.

“They’re looking for unlocked cars, homes without security systems, lights off, generally cars that aren’t home and surprisingly enough, most of these burglaries happen in the middle of the day.”

Hogan says investing in a proper security system, may just keep your home from getting burglarized.



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