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Hot-pink car driver’s threat to stab men calling him ‘girly’

Hot-pink car driver’s threat to stab men calling him ‘girly’
03 Oct

A 19-YEAR-OLD Coast teen has narrowly avoided prison after threatening three men with a knife who insulted him for driving a pink car.

Jake David Marsh was driving with his mum in a hot-pink Hyundai to North Shore Village, Pacific Paradise when they stopped to use an ATM.

Three men who were unloading alcohol for a nearby store made comments to Marsh about being “girly” because of the car he was driving.

Marsh’s mother got out of the car and began yelling at the men to shut up, which led to her being fined for public nuisance.

Things escalated when Marsh got out of the car with a flick knife and approached the men.

When he was about 1m away, he started thrusting the knife back and forth towards them and yelled, “I’ll stab you… we’ll be back, we know the Rebels (motorcycle club).”

Less than two weeks later on September 3, police searched Marsh’s home and found two flick knives in a bum bag.

When officers entered Marsh’s bedroom, he was partway through smoking a bong which they immediately removed from his hands.

Marsh today pleaded guilty in Maroochydore Magistrates Court to a number of charges including five counts of breaching bail conditions and single counts of going armed as to cause fear and possessing dangerous drugs.

Lawyer Luke Bull told the court his client admitted the crime was “stupid”.

Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin told the court Marsh had a history of drug, weapons and break and enter offences.

Marsh is also serving a period of probation and a suspended sentence, which he has breached three times.

Mr McLaughlin warned Marsh if he had committed another dishonesty offence, he would have spent time behind bars.

“Clearly you’re a dishonest person,” he said.

Mr McLaughlin ordered six months of Marsh’s 12-month suspended prison sentence be activated and sentenced him to another two month concurrent prison term for threatening the men.

Marsh was released immediately to parole.



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