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Hot Water Challenge Prank Regains Momentum on Social Media, Collects New Victims

Hot Water Challenge Prank Regains Momentum on Social Media, Collects New Victims
31 Jul

The once-popular Hot Water Challenge is gaining popularity again. Participants must spill boiling hot water on their friends or make them drink it through a straw. Naturally there are consequences to such a challenge.

A young man in the US city of Indianapolis poured boiling water on his sleeping 15-year-old friend, leaving him with severe burns to his head and chest. He will now spend a week in a hospital and it will take him months to restore his skin. He was still luckier than last year’s victim. Ki’ari Pope, 8, from Boynton Beach, Florida died from the injuries she received after drinking boiling water as a part of the challenge.

The Hot Water Challenge dates back to 2014, when a video emerged where a sister spills a pan full of boiling water on the back of her unsuspecting brother, leaving huge scars as a result. The challenge was spread through hundreds of fake videos, where people appear to drink or pour hot water on themselves. But once in a while a person actually tried to do the challenge for real. Now the challenge seems to have regained popularity on social media.

Many Twitter users were left perplexed on how people might not understand how threatening the challenge can be and participate in it.

Some twitterians forecasted that such challenges would be the “downfall” of humanity, while others suggested it might reduce amounts of stupidity on the planet.

Certain Twitter users urged others not to judge the younger generation in general just because part of it does a “dumb challenge.”

Some netizens though were left amazed by the hot water challenge.



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