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I love being a funny girl on and off screen: Sonakshi

I love being a funny girl on and off screen: Sonakshi
19 Aug

SONAKSHI SINHA BECAME the favorite heroine of mass audiences’ with movies like Dabangg, Rowdy Rathore etc. There was a time when she was working on three projects at a time but now Sonakshi seems to be taking a different path in her career. She has decided to concentrate on only one project at a time. “I have become choosy as a person, earlier I was doing about 2-3 films at a time but now I have made a conscious effort to do only one film at a time because as an actor, a lot goes into the making of a film. You need that much time to put into your film and yourself.” 

She seems to be very ‘happy’ with her latest film Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi which a sequel to Happy Bhag Jayegi. The romantic comedy, which is directed by Mudassar Aziz, releases in the UAE this weekend. 

This movie begins where Diana Penty’s character left the previous film. This romantic comedy takes over from where the first part ended, extending into a new part. Happy Phirr Bhag Jayegi, even though it is the extension of the same story, has a new central protagonist. 

Sonakshi’s last film Welcome to New York got really bad reviews and failed at the box office as well. 

What attracted Sonakshi towards the story of Happy? “I really liked the script and I started reacting to it during the narration itself. It had its sweet moments, the right emotions and lots of comedy. And I really enjoyed watching the first part Happy Bhagg Jayegi. I have been wanting to work with the makers for a long time and after reading the story, I had no reason to decline the film,” said Sonakshi while talking to City Times last week from Mumbai. 

Sonakshi plays a Punjabi girl called Harpreet in the movie whose pet name is Happy. Even though a non-Punjabi herself, Sonakshi considers herself a true-blue Punjabi, “I am very similar to this character as I think I have lots of Punjabi attributes in me. People tell me all the time that I look like a Punjabi person, I love Punjabi food and music. I am constantly listening to Punjabi songs all day. Even my dancing style is larger than life like a Punjabi dance. This character loves her family and will do anything to keep them happy. She is an independent and very today’s girl. I am sure many Indian girls will relate to her as well.” 

Diana Penty’s character was appreciated in the first part of the movie and she makes a comeback in the sequel as well. Both Sonakshi and Diana’s characters are called Happy and that’s where the confusion begins. 

“There are two Happys and somebody is looking for a certain Happy but they get another Happy and how two Happys eventually come face to face. The film is about how the comedy unfolds.” 

Sonakshi has also sung a song Chun Chun Chu for the movie which is a tribute to the popular old song. “We have added some Punjabi element to this song making it a unique Chinese-Punjabi song and it has fit so well. I am glad that people are loving the song,” said Sonakshi who has sung previously as well for a single number. 

Sonakshi, who made her debut in 2010 with Dabangg said that she feels at home doing comedy. “I enjoy comedy and I feel like I happen to be a funny person by nature. I see the lighter side of things, I don’t take things seriously and I can take a joke on myself.  I really love comedy and I love being a funny girl on and off screen.”

She is currently shooting for one of the biggest movies of the Indian cinema Kalank with Dharma Production along with the stellar cast of Alia Bhatt, Varun Dhawan, Sanjay Dutt, Madhuri Dixit Nene and Aditya Roy Kapoor, “It’s such a pleasure to work with such fine actors. We have shot for some part of the film and it is really a wonderful experience. I am having a fun time shooting for the movie but sadly I cannot reveal any detail from the movie.” After shooting for Kalank, Sonakshi will start shooting for Dabangg 3 along with Salman Khan. 

“I have been constantly shooting. I have been doing television shows and stage shows. Predominantly movies take some time to release. A lot of factors goes behind the making of the film,” added Sonakshi. 

How does an actor stay in tune with the art of action and filmmaking?  Should they update themselves with acting classes after a while to update their knowledge about films? “We never lose touch because we are constantly learning. I have learned everything on the sets. Newcomers today do workshops and dance classes. When I did my first film, I didn’t even want to be an actor. I kind of landed on the set of Dabangg and I was told to act. I think experience is the best teacher.” 

Sonakshi clarifies

Sonakshi was always accused of playing regressive and repetitive characters in the initial phase of her career. With movies like Lootera, Akira, Force 2, Noor, Ittefaq, finally, her characters started appearing as strong and realistic. She told us that she is proud of the fact that she can do different kinds of movies, “I take great pride in the fact that I can maintain a great balance between commercial and content-based movies in my career over the years. I want to be that actor that a director can put in any kind of a film and I can still do a great job. I think I have created that kind of balance already in my movie career. I have done movies that you can watch with your family and I will continue to do so because that is just who I am as a person and an actor.” 

     She cited the example of how even after five years of the release of the critically acclaimed Lootera, she is still getting praise for it. “Love is still pouring in for Lootera and it’s been five years since the movie has come out but people still tell me about the film. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of a role.” 


Things I do when I am not working 

Sonakshi: When I am not working, I do work out in the day. Sometimes I paint and at times I do nothing. I enjoy the idea of doing nothing because otherwise, I am constantly around people. I binge watch on Netflix a lot as well.



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