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I love the beach

I love the beach
26 Jul

What is your favorite place in the world? Is it a room? Your home? A vacation spot? Write about it!

Funny you should ask.

Actually the “you” here is Matthew Schwerha, who heads up ChicagoNow. Today is July’s Blogapalooz Hour, when all we participating bloggers have one hour to respond to the same question.

I ask myself this very question every week towards the end of yoga class, and coincidentally, today was yoga day. During Shavasana, the final “corpse” relaxation pose, we re-experience our favorite place.

Mine is any patch of perfect sand and Caribbean water. I have experienced it only a few times in my life, and all of them on cruises.

I love the smooth sand, but even more, I adore the crystal clear water, with tremendous visibility and not as cold as I typically experience in large bodies of water up north.

Everyone has his / her favorite scenic experience, whether it is forest or mountains or desert, and mine has always been water.

It’s interesting that I love water so much because I grew up so far away from it as a child. I never experienced an ocean until I was 22 years old and visited relatives who rented a summer cottage on Long Island.

I even enjoy the smell of chlorine, even in the washing machine, because it reminds me of my excitement and fear at jumping into water over my head at the YWCA in Canton, Ohio, when I was in second grade. (The break in this pleasure came when my mother was confined to bed in a nursing home that reeked of bleach.)

Now back to the beach

I can see it now. Perfect water, perfect sand, perfect sun. Nothing on the horizon but water and blue sky. Ah. . . .

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