Thursday, 15 November 2018

Impound cars of drunken drivers, regardless of ownership

Impound cars of drunken drivers, regardless of ownership
30 Jul

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am getting so tired of reading about repeat DUI offenders, causing injuries or death.

These people should not be on the road!

It has always seemed to me to be possible to stop this ongoing stupidity by impounding the car, the length of time depending upon the serious nature of the first infraction, and increase for future violations. Taking away the license obviously does not work. Impound the car, regardless of who owns it! Would anyone be so stupid as to let a known drunk use their car, if they knew another DUI would result in car being impounded? In the case of a fatality, the car should be forfeited, including any insurance claim it might get if badly damaged.

Further, insurance is required, and in this day of computers, insurers should be required to notify the state if insurance is dropped or canceled, and the state should then be authorized to order a warrant for the car and owner.

F. L. “Pat” Jacobs



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