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‘Isn’t this fun?’: McLean County Fair opens 5-day run

‘Isn’t this fun?’: McLean County Fair opens 5-day run
02 Aug

BLOOMINGTON — Not everybody can lay their hands on dozens of different medicine container tops, but 8-year-old Lorelei Arnold of the County Capri 4-H Club of Heyworth has a mother who is a nurse.

“I just had access to all of these medicine caps and I brought them home and asked if she wanted them to make a project,” said her mother, Kristen Arnold.

“I like the colors of a rainbow and I just thought this would be a good idea,” Lorelei said. “I like how it turned out.”

Kristen Arnold was proud of the project, too.

“It took her a lot of time and she was excited to participate,” she said. “It’s cool because a lot of the anesthesiologists and doctors helped me collect them from the four surgery centers in Bloomington.”

The project for Evan McBeath of the Busy Bees 4-H Club in Bloomington was to re-create a Pokemon character from a Lego kit.

“It had some pieces missing and so that made it tougher, but I made it work,” he said proudly.

Dozens of adult volunteers served as judges and supervisors at the fair, which continues through Sunday.

“Isn’t this fun?” said judge Rodger Bennett of Thawvillene as he stood over a display of home-grown garden vegetables arranged in a red wagon attached to a small, wooden toy tractor.

“The kids have done a great job this year, as usual,” he said. “McLean County is such a big county and because of that, you are going to have areas where the weather has been great for vegetables and areas where it hasn’t been so great. But it is all about learning.”

You don’t have to be in 4-H to continue to learn about new things, though, said Bruce Stephens of Hudson. He was in the Hit and Miss Engines tent on the north side of the fairgrounds Wednesday morning, cleaning his 1927 McCormick Deering Hopper-Cooled kerosene engine. It was manufactured by International Harvester and ran various devices inside or outside the home.

“These old engines are great and we get a wide range of people in here to check them out,” he said. “The older guys really love them. They will come in and tell stories about growing up with these machines.

“The younger people wonder what in the heck some of these things were used for,” he said. “But these kerosene engines would run corn shellers, feed grinders, and some of the smaller ones ran water pumps or washing machines.

“You can learn a lot in this tent and see a lot of history.”

Also at the fair is the M&A Stables Petting Zoo. Brianna Salsman, 6, of Bloomington was petting a Patagonian mara, a relatively large rodent normally found in Argentina that resembles a rabbit with long ears and limbs.

The petting zoo had two: Jack and Jill.

“They look funny,” Brianna said. “But I kind of think I want one.”

Her mother, Cindy, vetoed the idea quickly.

Temperatures were comfortable Wednesday, but fair-goers are advised that the remainder of the fair’s run could be hotter and more humid. Temperatures are expected to reach 85 degrees Thursday and climb to 90 degrees by Sunday, when the fair ends.

There is a chance of thunderstorms Thursday.



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