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Israel’s Lola Marsh does ‘Something Stupid’ in ‘Better Call Saul’

Israel’s Lola Marsh does ‘Something Stupid’ in ‘Better Call Saul’
25 Sep

When the music supervisor of Netflix TV series Better Call Saul quickly needed a cover of the 1967 Frank and Nancy Sinatra hit song “Something Stupid” for the opening montage of Episode 407 airing on September 17, he chose Tel Aviv-based indie pop duo Lola Marsh (Gil Landau and Yael Shoshana).

Speaking on the Better Call Saul Insider podcast, Thomas Golubić explains that “Something Stupid” seemed perfect for the montage but the original was too short and too expensive. So he decided to start from scratch, with only two weeks till deadline.

“We decided to go broad and see what got back to us. We reached out to colleagues with the instructions and got a lot of demos back — a few that were really fantastic,” Golubić related.

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Episode editor Skip MacDonald told Hollywood Reporter that after Golubić whittled the list down to 14, “we took them into the cutting room and would play the possibilities against the picture to see what felt right and what worked well and narrowed it down that way.”

Golubić ultimately chose Lola Marsh and set up a Skype call with the duo on a night when they had just come home after performing a show in Tel Aviv.

“To their great credit, we went through every bar of that song… and the technical aspects. It was four in the morning their time, and they were wonderful. We had such a great collaboration, and when we got the piece back it really reflected everything we had talked about,” said Golubić in the podcast.

“It’s just so beautiful — the charm of each of their voices, the surges of enthusiasm in the instrumentation, the hand quality of the way the instruments are played. It’s really special.”

Lola Marsh is on a US tour from October 4-11.



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