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Just A Bunch Of Old Peter Dutton Tweets That Are Extremely Funny Now

Just A Bunch Of Old Peter Dutton Tweets That Are Extremely Funny Now
22 Aug

By now you’ve probably heard the news: this morning Peter Dutton put his name forward to lead the Liberal Party. He lost the ballot by 13 votes — 48 votes for PM Malcolm Turnbull, 35 votes for Dutton — and has resigned from his frontbench posting as Home Affairs Minister.

But Dutton losing this ballot doesn’t mean we’ve heard the last of him. Back in 2012 (or five leadership spills ago, if you’re counting), Julia Gillard won 71 votes to Kevin Rudd’s 31 in his first challenge for her Labor leadership. 17 months later, Rudd ran again and won.

Some reports have speculated that Dutton could seek another spill at some point in the next two weeks — even as early as Thursday. So start entertaining the idea of a Prime Minister Dutton. To help you, we’ve gone back and compiled all of Dutton’s weird old tweets to help you understand the man he was, and the PM he could be.

We know Dutton is conservative, but in the past he has worked himself up over internet fights with progressives. Loves the weekend though.

He’s even said that he enjoys stirring them up.

This tweet is particularly timely, given Dutton appeared before cameras today after the leadership spill with a notedly softer persona.

And he really isn’t a fan of Gillard (bonus points to the tweet that praises Dutton’s would-be backstabbing victim, Turnbull).

The one where he wonders whether Gillard has a problem with men.

Referring to Fairfax journalist Latika Bourke, Dutton also called out the way she looked before a 2010 question time session:

To be fair, he also made fun of his male opponents’ looks:

But hey, maybe that’s all remedied by his defence of Gillard in this 2011 specimen.


He’s an interesting man with an interesting tweet history who might just be our next Prime Minister.

And, if that does happen, we know what our reaction will be:



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