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Letter: Hearings a sample of what’s to come if Dems win

Letter: Hearings a sample of what’s to come if Dems win
25 Oct

To the editor:

I opened up my Facebook the other day and it asked me “What’s on your mind?” Well, funny that you should ask… first, let me start by saying I think the Kavanaugh hearings are a national tragedy. A stain on our reputation.

Second, I am angry! I am angry at my government! For wasting our tax money on these show hearings. And right now, I am particularly angry at the Democratic Party! Why? Because of their shameful shenanigans. Like the orchestrated protests by Chuck Schumer, the uncorroborated and unsubstantiated allegations of sexual misconduct that have no veracity. And finally, the plain and simple obstructionism by Democrats to stop anything this President is trying to do.

If anything, the hearings demonstrated to me that the Senate is quite dysfunctional. It is no longer the august body that it once was; rather, what we have now is a Senate that is populated with show boating, opportunist senators like Cory Booker, Kamala Harris and others who will utilize their petty theatrics to gain favor among their fan base hoping to get donations for their yet to be announced presidential campaigns. To tell the truth, the hearings of Judge Kavanaugh looked less like the true hearings that I had come to know and expect from my government. Instead they looked and felt more like a kangaroo court.

I am loathe to doubt anyone who comes forward with such a serious concern as Dr. Ford has done. It takes courage to do something about such a deeply impacting event like a sexual assault. No matter how long ago it occurred, it had to be hard.

However, this whole event…the circumstances…the timing…the vague and uncorroborated stories look to me, and many people I know, like plain and simple character assassination of Judge Kavanaugh by Democratic hacks.

The public is not so naive as to not notice these things. Along the way the sympathetic and lock step intellectual media elite have worked in tandem with the left wing, crafting a narrative that plants doubt in the minds of the public about Kavanaugh’s innocence.

From the outset, the radical left has said they will not allow another nominee of President Trump to join the ranks of the Supreme Court jurists and so, I believe this would be the same situation no matter who the president puts forward. It is playbook dirty politics. The left wing has announced it will do whatever it takes to block this nominee. How and why would you block and stop a person with such impeccable credentials and stellar reputation as Judge Kavanaugh? It’s simple…You paint the most absurd and unprovable case against him. You try that case not in a court of law but rather in the court of public opinion. I believe the purpose and intent of all of these political ploys is not only to block Kavanagh but also to attempt to permanently sully his reputation as well as the reputation of the Courts and to delegitimize future decisions.

Some have said we are in the midst of a war. Indeed we are in some type of new culture/civil war. A war between the tribal left and tribal right. What we have seen in the Kavanaugh hearings is but a taste of the type of government the democrats will offer the people should they win the House of Representatives and the Senate.

I am urging all people to get out and vote and hold the Democrats accountable for their behavior. In November, Hoosiers need to vote out Joe Donnelly. He is in league with Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer, the mastermind of all the shenanigans we’ve witnessed these last several weeks. We cannot reward this obstructionist behavior by granting the culprits of dysfunction with more power! I am urging people of conscience to resist the so-called “resistance.”

Jim Sullivan




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