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Letters to the Editor: 09/13/2018

Letters to the Editor: 09/13/2018
13 Sep

Fix auto insurance

We all pay for catastrophic coverage and the ones benefiting are hospitals, lawyers and insurance companies. Hospitals collect the full bill rather than negotiated prices paid by health insurance companies. Lawyers are guaranteed 30 percent of whatever amount they can inflate your bills to, which is why we are inundated with ads for personal injury victims touting their huge settlements. Insurance companies pocket the majority of premiums because most claims are not catastrophic.

Are we that stupid to think victims in 49 other states are hung out to dry when injured? They have the same recourse — only with caps on coverage — which in most accidents are adequate. Having no cap encourages fraud. Victims in the other states are not kicked to the curb.

There are programs to ensure they get treatment and apparently they work.

If not you can be sure that those states would be following Michigan’s lead.

The high rates we pay only discourage more drivers to go without insurance, which is counterproductive.

Enough talking about the problem. We need to elect someone serious about fixing it.

Both candidates are not new to state government and if past performance is any indicator, we should be skeptical of their promises.

Bernadette Kohl

Rapid City



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