Sunday, 18 November 2018

Lexus Driver Nearly Causes Two Accidents In The Span Of 10 Seconds

Lexus Driver Nearly Causes Two Accidents In The Span Of 10 Seconds
10 Sep

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While it’s true that, no matter how good and focused one might be behind the wheel, mistakes are bound happen, keeping a cool head is essential, or else you risk making things worse.

The driver of this Lexus RX was anything but focused, as they run a red light at an intersection, nearly t-boning another car at an intersection. Then, as they backed up, they almost hit a pedestrian who was walking at the zebra crossing. It’s a good thing the latter had the presence of mind to run.

Good thing the pedestrian wasn’t looking at their phone, texting, or just not paying attention for whatever reason – it happens quite often as people assume the crosswalk is a safe space, which might be the case in theory, but not always in practice.

So how come this happened? Well, people tend to get flustered behind the wheel when they realize they have made a mistake. Whomever was driving this Lexus didn’t have the concentration to a. not run a red light, and b. check the mirrors before reversing.

Despite all this, they somehow managed to avoid an accident. Guess lady luck was with them that day.

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