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‘Load of s**t’ Fans rage at Remainer Natascha McElhone ‘RECRUITING’ Brexit voters on cusp

‘Load of s**t’ Fans rage at Remainer Natascha McElhone ‘RECRUITING’ Brexit voters on cusp
26 Oct

British actress and political activist Natascha is well-known for her popularity in US film and television, and now the star is returning home for a foray into space drama The First, which premieres on Channel 4 Thursday, November 1.

Appearing on ITV programme This Morning, the actress shared details on the exciting new project, which also stars Hollywood high-flyer Sean Penn.

But Natascha was keen to share the other important aspect of her career right now, which is helping the People’s Vote campaign continue to grow.

Speaking to guest presenters Rylan Clark-Neal and Amanda Holden about the London march which she attended, Natascha shared: “We felt quite victorious, it was great and it started the debate.”

“It was electrifying,” she said in reference to the sheer numbers that showed up for the demonstration. “700,000 and I think they [only] predicted 100,000.”

“I started the debate and people feel very passionately either way even if they voted leave,” Natascha continued. “People who have now changed their minds – we’ve now started to recruit people who feel that maybe they were lied to.”

The star went on to say she’s getting “excited” about the figures, and she’s even gotten her son involved in the campaign.

Taking to Twitter, fans shared their anger over the segment, and in particular the idea of “recruiting” British people who voted to leave the European Union.

One person blasted: “Interesting to hear her use the word ‘recruit’ when talking about getting people on the Brexit march.

“What do these thick people not understand? It’s not about being lied to, it’s about controlling immigration and making our own laws. Simple #ThisMorning.”

“It was going ok til she came out as a remoaner, boring! #thismorning,” another shared.

A third fumed: “#thismorning Stop letting stupid people keep going on about staying in the f*****g EU people’s vote what a load of s**t. The people had their vote, accept it you morons and wind your necks in.

“The only way the ‘people’s vote’ march would have had an impact,” a fourth began, “is if it was in Yorkshire, or Newcastle or somewhere.

“It just looked like a lot of posh Londoners kicking off. Eventually they’ll have to leave London. #ThisMorning #itvThisMorning.”

Not everyone felt the same, as one person responded: “Calm your tits, pal. People are entitled to an opinion, even if you don’t like it. #ThisMorning.”

“Can’t wait to see #TheFirst it looks bloody brilliant #ThisMorning,” another excited fan praised.

While a third joked: “Natascha McElhone looks exactly the same as she did in The Truman Show.

“HOW??!! It was over 20 years ago! #ThisMorning.”

This Morning airs weekdays at 10.30am on ITV.



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