Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Magnussen: Stupid fuel rules makes me drive like grandma

Magnussen: Stupid fuel rules makes me drive like grandma
26 Oct

Haas driver Kevin Magnussen has blamed the “stupid” fuel limits that “make me drive like a grandmother” following his disqualification in America.

Magnussen managed a P9 finish in Austin, but was disqualified for going over the 105kg fuel limit by 170g.

Haas were hoping that race winner Kimi Raikkonen would lap Magnussen, so he could complete one less lap of the overall total.

“You get disappointed and frustrated because you’re angry at yourself, because you haven’t done enough with the rules, but you also get frustrated with the rules more than anything,” Magnussen told Motorsport.

“Because they’re stupid. And that should be changed.”

Magnussen also referred to the fuel limits that are implemented by the FIA as making him drive like a “grandmother”.

“In terms of losing points, it was only a P9, but it was also points and we want to get all the points that we won,” Magnussen added. “But it was more in terms of being a passionate Formula One fan, it was very disappointing.

“I’ve fought my whole life to get into Formula 1, to be able to race against the best people, racing the fastest cars, at the top of the motorsport. Then you’re driving around like a grandma.”



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