Thursday, 15 November 2018

Media Is the Enemy?

Media Is the Enemy?
01 Nov

President Donald Trump sounds off about almost everything and one of the most stupid things he rants about is that the media is an enemy of the people.

There is no question that Big Media and some small newspapers have been and still are critical of the president, but to brand all of them as the enemy of the people is among the more stupid charges he has boomed with his large mouth. As usual, he offers no proof or even examples of what he proclaims. He can’t take any criticism.

The president says things to get the attention of the people, but his wild charges are getting old, worn out and plain boring. He’s hoping that it will work for him when he runs for re-election, just as it did in 2016.

He exploded again about the media being the enemy of the people after the mass shooting in Pittsburgh and the arrest of the suspected mail bomber, whose bombs never exploded except when one was set off by investigating officers. He said there is great anger in the country in part because of inaccurate and fraudulent reporting of the news. That’s a childish and immature thing to say.

When the media does make an error in its reporting of news, responsible media runs a correction. Does President Trump ever admit he is wrong? He makes outlandish remarks, many are inaccurate and some are just outright falsehoods.

More and more people are being turned away from the president because of his wild accusations — they are “wising” up to him. He is a master at producing anger but he’s like an old television show — same old thing, boring and no longer of interest.



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