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‘Miz and Mrs.’ Hitz and Misses: It was an IMPLIED naked photo shoot!

‘Miz and Mrs.’ Hitz and Misses: It was an IMPLIED naked photo shoot!
25 Jul

At the end of Smackdown! Live on Tuesday night, The Miz simultaneously promoted his new USA Network reality show and taunted current rival Daniel Bryan in a velvet-carpeted wrestling ring. The ruse involved a fake plastic baby, a infant stand-in actor backstage, and Miz rocking a Baby Bjorn and actually looking quite stylish.

Miz began his career in reality television, starting out on The Real World before graduating to MTV’s The Challenge. He now hosts Challenge spinoff Champs vs. Stars when he’s not wrestling. Now, after fulfilling his dream of becoming a professional wrestler he’s returning to his roots full time with a behind-the-scenes look at his life with wife, fellow pro wrestler Maryse.

I’ve been a long-time fan of The Miz, and as SB Nation’s officially unofficial Mike Mizanin correspondent, I will be recapping all the best and worst moments of their new show each week. The premiere episode gave us Miz accidentally naked, a pregnancy contractions fake out, and shenanigans from Maryse’s mom. In other words, it was great.

Hit: The “naked” photo shoot

With Maryse only a few weeks away from giving birth at the start of the series, it’s time for them to do things pregnant couples do: a pregnancy photo shoot, for one. Miz flies back to California the day of the shoot, and because he’s running behind he takes a call from Maryse on the way to the set where she prepares him for an “implied naked photoshoot.”

The face Miz makes when he gets off the call (and asks the driver “Is that weird to you?”) hints at where this gag is going, but when Miz arrives on set and undresses completely in the dressing room it’s still a funny outcome. Especially when he preps for the shoot by “just fluffing ‘em up” on camera because it’s cold in the studio.

This sums up the reason why Miz needed a reality show in the first place: we know he’s never shy when cameras are rolling, but he’s not amping his performance up too much now that he and Maryse have the spotlight to themselves. A perfect balance.

Miss: Miz defending the size of his penis

It’s Reality Show Law that if a guy goes somewhere naked on camera and gets censored, he will make a joke during the talking head segments about how “it’s totally bigger than that, really.” Miz asked the black-bar guy to help him out a little and cited the national average of penis size, and none of it was necessary. Be better than that, Miz!

Hit: The censor strip branding

The black bar that covers Miz’s goods is branded with Miz’s show from Smackdown! Have to love a commitment to the brand no matter what.

Hit: How happy Miz is when he makes Maryse happy

If you’re watching a reality show about a marriage, even one that is made up of two people who know how to fake storylines for the camera when needed, you hope it comes across as genuine — that they really love each other.

Thankfully, watching Miz break into a huge grin every time he made Maryse happy put any worries to rest. She wants a last minute pregnancy photo shoot? She gets it. He accidentally comes to the photo shoot naked? He’s okay only because she got a good laugh out of it. Maryse humors his weirdness in return, and it makes watching their relationship worth it.

Hit: Maryse’s mom Marjo

Maryse’s mother Marjo seems like she will be increasingly used as comic relief as the series goes on, and gosh I hope that’s the case. In the premiere she put butt pads in her pants and shook them in Miz’s face. I am all-in for more Marjo.

Miss: Episode length


Hit: The way Maryse pronounces “Winnebago”

Thankfully, there’s not an over-reliance on accent humor with Maryse (a native French speaker), which is lazy humor always. One moment that they did highlight though, and which they definitely should have, was her pronouncing Winnebago as “Winny-bago” when discussing RV options with Miz.

Miss: Maryse by herself

When Maryse was by herself doing a live video segment with Renee Young, things dragged. It was mostly saved by the (expected but still funny) contractions fake out where Miz ran through an arena’s backstage area fully prepared to see his wife in labor only to find her content and eating a cookie.

But they’re going to have to figure out how to make the “Mrs.” half of Miz and Mrs. just as fun as the “Miz” part.



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