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NOT SO FAST: Nevada could get cameras to catch red-light runners

NOT SO FAST: Nevada could get cameras to catch red-light runners
12 Sep

A red-light camera could be coming to an intersection near you.

It’s a decision many drivers face every day. When a light turns yellow — do we hit the brake or the gas?

Soon, if you make the wrong choice, you could get a ticket. The ticket wouldn’t come from a police officer, but a camera.

The Nevada Office of Public Safety is fighting for a bill that would allow police to use red-light cameras.

Andrew Bennett with the Nevada Office of Public Safety says the idea behind the bill is straightforward.

“Simply to save lives,” said Bennett.

“It would allow local jurisdictions to make that decision for themselves”, he continued.

The cameras would snap pictures of drivers who venture through intersections after the light has changed.

“There are reports that rank Las Vegas in the top 10 for red light running,” explained Bennett.

The cameras are supposed to prevent a T-bone collision. Next to a head-on collision, traffic safety experts say it’s the worst kind of crash to have.

Most drivers News 3 spoke to say they would be happy to see red light cameras in their neighborhoods.

“I think it’s a good idea. Maybe there will be less accidents and people will stop blaming other people,” said Julie Caldaroni.

“Well, it might stop the stupid drivers a little bit,” said Sam Cox.

“I don’t have a problem with that,” said Ruth Argier.

But Bennett admits, the cameras have their critics.

“We’ll hear anything from, it’s ‘Big Brother,’ it’s too much government, it violates their privacy,” noted Bennett.

New eyes in the sky could one day make red light runners think twice.



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