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Our world was nightmarish enough before Kawhi Leonard laughed

Our world was nightmarish enough before Kawhi Leonard laughed
27 Sep

Kawhi Leonard made his debut in a Raptors jersey at media day on Monday. He claimed he is a “fun guy,” which is something a guy who is not fun but is trying to change his reputation would say, and then he laughed.

This was no ordinary laugh.

Listen for yourself. It sounds like a person who has never in his life laughed trying to laugh based on how he has seen other people laugh. I am not trying to shame or poke fun here — I am legitimately moved to concern by the laugh. Has he never heard a funny joke? Has he never watched a comedy special with the requisite two drinks in him? Has he never seen those Pop running down the hallway memes? We need answers.

But under no circumstances is anyone to make Kawhi ever laugh again. This means you Raptors mascot. This means you Kyle Lowry. Are we clear? No funny business around Kawhi. The world can’t take another one of these laughs.

[insert Kawhi laugh here]

Tom Thibodeau reportedly asked Jimmy Butler on Monday to reconsider his trade request and join the team in training camp, all while Thibodeau’s boss and Wolves team owner Glen Taylor was telling his colleagues to send him trade offers if Thibs wasn’t being responsive.

No word on whether Butler just did the Kawhi laugh back to Thibs or went with the slightly less abrasive “Nah, I’m good.” But he’s not coming to training camp.

Links galore

Anthony Davis is now represented by LeBron-linked Klutch Sports. That’s going to be important in a future story arc.

The most odd and amazing moments from media day including and beyond Kawhi’s laugh.

Ricky O’Donnell with the 11 best NBA summer mixtapes. Paul Flannery on what players owe us in the summer. Paolo Uggetti on the rise of NBA skills trainers.

Yep, it’s still weird seeing LeBron in a Lakers uniform alongside Beasley, Lance, JaVale, and Rondo.

Zach Lowe’s six most interesting players going into this season.

This is a really great Dan Klores/Victory Journal short short film on the epic scoring championship battle between George Gervin and David Thompson. So, so good.

Word to Marcus Smart.

Really great Jeff McDonald profile of new Spurs Lonnie Walker IV.

I enjoyed Marc Stein’s big LeBron column — he points out that it’s been like 13 years since King James entered a season more likely to miss the playoffs than win the title.

Rule changes include … a clear path fix? Yes!

I wrote about how the Wolves are doing the right thing by trading Butler but are doing it all wrong.

Markelle Fultz reworked jumper alert.

And finally: Josh Bowe with a strong piece about Mark Cuban’s dereliction of responsibility in Dallas.

Be excellent to each other.

Source: https://www.sbnation.com/nba/2018/9/25/17900178/kawhi-leonard-laugh-nightmare-fuel-raptors-gmib


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