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People are sharing their most awkward moments with the #WhyImSingle hashtag

People are sharing their most awkward moments with the #WhyImSingle hashtag
07 Aug

IF THERE’S ONE thing Jimmy Fallon is really good at, it’s gently cajoling people to confront some of their most embarrassing moments before sharing them with the wider world.

74th Annual Golden Globe Awards - NBCUniversal After Party - Los Angeles Source: Dylan Lujano/Admedia

Every so often, the chat show host urges his followers to take a look inwards, grapple with a past indiscretion and then communicate it in 280 words or less.

And with the help of a handy hashtag, they can officially move on.

This week, we’re contemplating singledom, and the reasons behind it.

Given the fact we all have cringe-worthy stories of this nature, it’s no real surprise the hashtag gained traction as quickly as it did.

We mean, it’s always therapeutic (and brave) to get this stuff off your chest.

Would we do it? No. But these people have…

1. Well, they ARE warm.

2. Easy mistake.

3. This doesn’t add up as far as we’re concerned.

4. It sounds shocking, alright.

5. Yep, she was serious.

6. Who doesn’t love a ‘taste-test’?

7.  Oh, smooth.

8. Well, that didn’t go to plan.

9. Well, he’s not wrong, to be fair.

10. A compliment is a compliment.

11. It’s the one sentence we’re all terrified we’ll utter by accident.

12. Well, that’s something new.

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