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Q&A: Tigers OL Durant talks Philly, Boyz II Men and Derek Dooley

Q&A: Tigers OL Durant talks Philly, Boyz II Men and Derek Dooley
13 Sep

Missouri offensive lineman Yasir Durant is one of the biggest personalities on the Tigers’ roster, and as he walked off the practice field Tuesday, the junior left tackle had a friendly back and forth with fellow O-lineman Kevin Pendleton.

“Before you start recording, I want to say, I don’t like Kevin Pendleton,” Durant said.

The ever-sharp Pendleton volleyed back: “You should know, Yasir Durant, he’s a real liability. Be careful.”

The exchange rolled right into the Missourian’s conversation with Durant, in which the 6-foot-7, 330-pound lineman tackled everything from “Black Panther,” to his time in the Southeastern Conference, to a drill called Hamburger Hill.

You’re a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. What’s the first thing you do when you go back home?

“The very first thing is I do is go see family. But pretty soon after that, I go get a Philly cheesesteak at Dalessandro’s. I’m not into the cheese whiz, but I get salt, pepper, ketchup, fried onions and mayo. That’s good stuff right there.”

As a Philly guy, what are your thoughts on Boyz II Men?

“I like Boyz II Men. I like that song that everybody knows, honestly. ‘It’s so hard to say goodbye,’ that’s a hit, man.”

The offensive linemen seem to be a pretty tightknit group. What’s something people don’t know about the O-line that they should?

“We have a bunch of comedians.”

Who’s the funniest one?

“Besides me? I think I’m the funniest, but besides me, I’d actually have to say coach (Brad) Davis. But as far as players go, it’s between Kevin Pendleton or Tre’Vour Wallace-Simms. They’re funny dudes.”

What’s something people should know about Drew Lock?

“Drew Lock? He’s goofy, man. People will see the football side of him most of the time. But like he’s joking and laughing every time I see him all day. He’s a really goofy guy.”

What’s the biggest thing you’ve learned going from a junior college transfer to a starter on a Southeastern Conference offensive line?

“I’ve learned to be patient and to keep working. You can never be content with where you’re at, you’ve got to keep on getting better everyday.”

What does Yasir Durant get up to in his free time?

“It’s still a lot of football. But after I go to class, I’ll probably play a little Madden or watch some Nextflix.”

What’s your go-to Netflix show or movie?

“‘Black Panther’ just came out on there. I’ve watched it like three times since it went up. I just keep repeating it. I’ve seen it a bunch of times already. I also watch ‘Last Chance U’ a lot.”

I know he’s only been here since January, but what’s been your favorite Derek Dooley moment so far?

“He’s funny, man. When we have our offense meetings, he does this weird thing with his body. It’s weird, but it’s funny though. But when we did Hamburger Hill, that was probably the most funny Derek Dooley moment. It’s a drill the O-line does, and one day in camp we had a drill with him right after we did it. Tre’Vour was all out of breath and he and coach Dooley were just going back and forth, yelling at each other. And it was just over Hamburger Hill.”



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