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Reminder: You Have To Ask Consent For A Kiss

Reminder: You Have To Ask Consent For A Kiss
12 Sep

But even if your partner can see your kiss coming, it’s important to ask for consent instead of just assuming they want to kiss you, too. “Plain and simple, consent shows that you respect the other person, their body, and their desires,” says Kait Scalisi, MPH, a sex educator and speaker. So if you’re going in for a kiss (especially if it’s the first time you’ve kissed each other), you can say something as simple as, “Can I kiss you?” Or, sometimes even non-verbal communication can work. “A sexy pause after you lean in but before lips meet heightens sensation and arousal,” Scalisi says. “Throw in a whispered, ‘Yes?’ and you have yourself a swoon-worthy scene out of a romance novel.” Consent seems complicated, but maybe if movies, tv, and books spoke more clearly about it, asking for permission to kiss someone (or do anything else) wouldn’t feel so difficult.Source:


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