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Richard Stott review: Unexpectedly inspiring, heart-wrenchingly moving and unquestionably funny

Richard Stott review: Unexpectedly inspiring, heart-wrenchingly moving and unquestionably funny
25 Aug

Richard Stott was born lopsided and years later diagnosed with Poland Sydrome  – a rare birth defect that caused his left hand, arm and chest to be underdeveloped.

As a child, he faced life-changing – and amazingly bizarre – surgery before realising his “gippy hand” was not something that would make life easy for an aspiring actor or a man in his twenties on a first date.

Wretched: A Thing of Quality sees the now 30-year-old highlight the extent of working in an industry that left Richard suffering “signs of body dysmorphia”.

The emerging (quite literally, from his own recycling bin) comedian leads audiences on a rollercoaster of emotion during his one-man theatrical comedy.

Bizarre and eccentric tales and close-to-the-bone dark jokes are interspersed with powerful, flashbacks to childhood trauma and failed auditions that highlight both Stott’s comedic skills and acting prowess.

“Hold up your hands please”, a booming voice says from the abyss, silencing the audience as the young actor reveals his pain, taking crowds back to many a failed audition before transforming into a terrified schoolboy being wheeled into surgery.

Through barrels of laughter and the odd few tears, Stott tells his audience how he eventually came to accept his differences, surprisingly, with the help of a dead stranger at Stonehenge.

Unexpectedly inspiring, heart-wrenchingly moving and unquestionably funny, Wretched: A Thing of Poor Quality offers a rare insight into the life of a seemingly normal bloke dealing with the callous materialism of the modern world.

Despite being one of just 40 people in London suffering Poland Syndrome – none of whom have apparently seen the show – it is oddly relatable to anyone facing difficulties in life.

Stott can be found tweeting details of upcoming shows @therstott 



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