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ROB HEDELT: From crazy drivers to clueless customer, it’s time for common consideration

ROB HEDELT: From crazy drivers to clueless customer, it’s time for common consideration
19 Aug

TODAY’S column is a grab-bag, covering everything from crazy driving I’ve noticed to another example of self-centered thinking.

But before I jump into those, I want to share a quick thank-you to the readers who have reached out this past week by phone, email and mail with cards offering condolences after the death of my Mom, who I wrote about last Sunday.

That support has been so welcome and helpful in this tough time. I have appreciated all the kind and supportive words so much.

What I haven’t appreciated lately have been more than a few examples of outright crazy driving on highways and byways hereabouts.

One that really caught my attention was a truck and car tandem I saw on State Route 3 just past U.S. 301 heading toward Montross. This pair was just ahead of me, and it quickly became apparent that they just couldn’t believe that the car or two in front of them had the audacity to drive the speed limit. 

After the pair of vehicles tried to pass a few times on a straight stretch where that was actually allowed—and almost smacking into coming traffic—both vehicles ended up passing two cars in front of them ON THE OUTSIDE OF A SHARP CURVE MARKED BY YELLOW, NO-PASSING LINES.

They almost slammed into cars in the oncoming traffic, which of course they couldn’t see as they pulled out because of the curve.

Their maneuver proved to be pointless as I ended up right behind them at a stoplight not far beyond.

Stupid situation No. 2: A driver behind me who started screaming and waving her hands out the window when I had the audacity to slow just a bit where the surface of State Route 3 over Interstate 95 had been milled and removed prior to repaving.

How inconsiderate on my part to keep her from doing 55 mph across that bumpy stretch of roadway, where the speed limit is actually 45!

I guess I don’t understand that some people are simply more important than the rest of us out there, with some divine right to ignore speed limits and refuse to slow down for safety when conditions warrant.

Reckless situation No. 3: Over the past month or two, I’ve frequently witnessed drivers on State Route 3 east who, after getting into the lane for the I-95 North ramp, suddenly jerk their vehicles back to the left to stay on Route 3, often endangering traffic already there.

I don’t know if they suddenly decide they are in the wrong lane, don’t like the traffic they see on 95 or just suddenly realize they’re desperately in need of gas.

Hopefully, that won’t be happening too much there longer because of a new design that will soon enough route traffic heading that way to a traffic signal and left turn to the I-95 ramp north.

While I’m griping, here’s one that doesn’t have anything to do with driving, but everything with consideration of others. It’s the people who can’t seem to think ahead when they’re getting popcorn and/or drinks at local movie theaters.

These people will stand in line for 5 or 10 minutes, but don’t start to think about what they want to order until they step up to do that.

Here’s a thought: While you’re standing in that line that winds around the little metal posts, talk among yourselves about what you actually want to order.

And maybe you could also try to get ready to pay for your order, instead of waiting to pull out your wallet from your purse or back pocket and then spending more time digging out your credit card or some cash.

It’s just a way you might extend common consideration to all the folks behind you, who like you, just want to get their snacks as quickly as possible so they can go grab a seat.

OK, so with all that off my shoulders, I feel a lot better.

Until next time.

Source: https://www.fredericksburg.com/news/local/rob-hedelt-from-crazy-drivers-to-clueless-customer-it-s/article_71a3eded-1655-55c0-a6f4-608dbeca68a0.html


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